Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hi everyone!!! 

This week has been really good again! We got a hold of a contact from a member, and the couple (Andrea and Luis) was so receptive!!! They both work all day, because he's a cop, and she works in the Zofri (a giant mall in Iquique), but they both have been so kind and happy to see us, letting us in even after a long, hard day at work.  We also had a really cool experience, where we got through all of our plans one night, but still had some time, so we decided to do what we call ´´playing the grid´´.  There are several streets in our area that make a grid, and we decided that one of us would pick a street and the other would say a number and left or right, so I picked the street, and as we started walking down toward it, and Elder Francis was thinking of what number and side he wanted to pick, we saw a man on the corner of the street, and stopped to talk to him.  He was telling us that his mom had died, and he had lots of questions for us about death and God's plans for each of us.  I think it is amazing how Heavenly Father puts specific people in our way when we really make an effort, who really need to hear his gospel.  Hope all of you have a great week!!! Below also are some pictures.  The first one is the view of Alto Hospicio from one of the apartments where we prosolyte.  The others are pictures from Iquique, because we went down there today. Hope you enjoy!

-Elder Checketts

(In answer to some of our questions...)
I haven't noticed whether or not I've started gaining or loosing weight.  The mammita and members always serve us rice and chicken, sometimes other stuff, but rice and chicken is the standard.  I still haven't been served an empenada though.  They give us a lot of food, but we walk a lot too, so I don't know which one has a bigger impact.  I usually just have cereal for breakfast, and just snack or something for dinner, but I have recently noticed that my socks keep falling down.  I didn't even think about that until you asked me, but maybe I've lost a little weight... idk.  Anyway, no, Maricel didn't make it to church again :( She had to work again, but we had another great investigator go, who is also preparing for baptism.  His name is Manuel, and he's 19, but has some mental disabilities.  He's always so happy, and more than anything just wants to get baptized.  Hope you all have a great day, and a great week! Sorry no funny story today, but at least I sent pics!!! Also, I got all the skype info! Thanks!!! And we will plan on Mother's day! Also, haven't gotten the package yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long. Also, you asked about Earthquakes, and we haven't felt any, except one day that we were teaching an investigator in the apartments, and we felt a little tremor, and she ran to the door like her house was on fire. But supposedly we are supposed to be expecting a huge one in the next few years, based on the plates' patterns, and with the big earthquakes in Ecuador, and Japan....but don't worry, Mom :)...   My Spanish is getting better too. I can say most everything I want to say... the hard part is just understanding when the Chileans talk really fast. But I keep improving.  Hope you're all doing great!!! Love you all, and talk to you soon!!!!!!


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