Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi, everyone! 

Not a lot has happened this week that was big, or out of the ordinary, but we had transfers, and a Colombian elder that lived in the apartment went to an area in Antofagasta, and in his place came a Peruvian elder.  It's been cool meeting elders from all different areas... for example, in our zone there are two Peruvians, two Chileans, one Brazilian, two Canadians, and eleven Americans.  We have also had several investigators from various areas as well... for some reason, there is a high population of Colombians in northern Chile, especially right in Antofagasta. We've met several of them, and there was also a woman from the Dominican Republic that we met, who spoke almost perfect English.  The people here are really cool, especially those who don't have very much money, because they are very poor in spirit.  Although there is quite a bit of diversity when it comes to people, there is very little variety in scenery. There is dirt....and that's about it...and ocean if you go by the coast...but nothing green :) I'm loving teaching others about the gospel here! Hope you are all doing well.... sorry I don't have pictures this week! I'll give another update next week!

-Elder Checketts
Here is a picture of PJ's zone (the senior couple shared it).  :)

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