Monday, January 8, 2018

Hi there!

I`m glad to hear that everyone is doing well, and that everyone is excited for me to get home, as well! haha! Anyway, as for me, this week has been good. On Sunday, we have a 10 year old girl named Valentina that will be getting baptized, and a young man named José that will we getting baptized the same day. Valentina has wanted to get baptized for a very long time, but hasn`t been able to come to church very often because her parents are in jail, and the only times she can visit her mom are Sunday and Tuesday in the mornings. However, almost all of Valentina`s relatives are members of the church... including her mom, and they want to help her be baptized as well. Her mom told her that she would rather have Valentina go to church every Sunday to be able to get baptized, than visit her Sunday morning. I really respect that she told her daughter that. Hopefully Valentina will get baptized with her brother Jostyn as well... although he`s a little more indecisive. Anyway, I don`t have a lot of time left, but I`ll tell you guys how it all goes next week!

Love, PJ

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hey, Everyone!!!

I´m glad you had a good Christmas, and that the family has been doing well. It sounds like you guys had fun visiting the family this week, and you had some pretty nice quality time, even with Dad beeing really busy. Anyway, as for your questions.... this week has been great! Remember how I had talked about Dalcy and Darleth, the 17 year old girl and the 9 year old girl from Bolivia that had tons of desire to get baptized?.... well... they got baptized, yesterday!!! It was super exciting for them, and they have so much desire in their hearts to be able to progress withing the church and serve missions.... they´re just super great over all! As for new years.... they had lots of fireworks that they were shooting off of the morro of Arica, which is like a big cliff at the bottom of the city that we can see from our apartment. Other than that, in Chile they always make manequins that they burn at midnight, so it can get kind of crazy... We had a dinner with a family where the dad is a less active member, and his daughter, Fernanda, is a really interested investigator that came to church this sunday with her boyfriend, and this week also agreed to be baptized in two weeks if she recieves her own answer that the church is true.

This week, we also had lots of investigators that came to church. One of them was a ten year old girl named Valentina. Almost all of her relatives are less active members of the church, and she has been an investigator for a very long time..... but the problem is that she has not been able to come to church regularly because her mom is in jail, and visiting hours to see her are only Sunday and Tuesday in the mornings. However, this Sunday she came to church with her grandma and her aunt, and her aunt told us that she wants us to teach the lessons to Valentina so she can be able to get baptized in January, because she will now be able to come to church every week. (I don´t know if the jail schedule changed for the new year or what... but it looks like she´s getting baptized in two more weeks). Anyway, hope you guys have another great week! ttyl!

Love, PJ

Monday, December 25, 2017

(From Preston's mom  We got a Skype call from Elder Checketts this morning, and had a wonderful hour visiting with him!  It was great!  He is happy, healthy, and doing fantastic!  He has had a great Christmas, celebrating with the members in Chile, and we are so grateful for all the wonderful people there who have been so good to him, and so welcoming to the missionaries!  Here is a picture from our Skype call this morning, as well as a couple pictures from a lady in PJ's area, that sent the other pictures to me on Friday (I just saw them today).  We can't believe that PJ will be home in just 5 more weeks!!!  January 31st at 8:55 a.m., we will get to see him & hug him again!!!  Hooray!!!  :)


Monday, December 18, 2017

Hey, Everyone! I´m not going to write a whole lot because we´ll talk on Christmas.... but I´m staying in Arica with Elder Pasigan. As for Michelle and Ferenando... they can´t get married right now, because she has to go back to Ecuador to get her kids and bring them here... so when she gets back they can get married, and they can get baptized with their 8 year old son. Anyway, I´m really short on time.... sorry!!! But we´ll talk over Skype next Monday, so we can talk more about all that!

Love, PJ

p.s. Regarding our Skype call...I think at 1 should work... (You said that´s 10 there?)... but if I have to do it at a different time, I´ll let you know... I´ll have a member tell you over facebook if it needs to be changed. Also, I got my itinerary.... I arrive in the Salt Lake airport at 8:55 am January 31st.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hey, Everyone!!!

You were asking me about the transfer... and it´s the 17th (next Monday)... we´ll be getting the call on Friday, so I´ll tell you guys next week what happens. About Elder Jennings, he ends this transfer... so he goes home in a week. (He only has a cambio more than me). And yes, I got the Christmas package :) As for the Christmas conference, we had a normal zone conference where President taked with us about how we can improve as missionaries and help the investigators better. Then we played a game with all the missionaries, that was similar to musical chairs, and after several rounds, we recieved the gift that was under the chair we were at (becuase we all bought presents before, and put them under the chairs). I ended up getting a Chilean soccer ball. Then we had lunch, and there were strawberries and bananas and chocolate fountains, and then we watched Kung Fu Panda! hahaha!

Anyway, this week for me has been good too!!! We´re teaching Michelle and Fernando, who are from Ecuador. They have tons of desire to be able to progress and be baptized, so they can recieve all of the blessings that God has for them. We´ve talked to them to be able to put a goal to be married, but because they´re new in Chile, and they´re doing the paperwork to get Chilean identity cards, they can´t get married here until they have those identity cards. But the bishop´s wife is also from Ecuador, and they suggested that we could look into the possibility of them getting married in the Ecuadorian consulate in Arica... but we´ll see how that goes. We´re also helping a woman named Paola, who is what we call a ´´dry member´´ (She has everything of a typical member.... but she just hasn´t been baptized!) All her kids are baptized, and she´s coming to church, and knows basically all the doctrine of the church and has recieved her answer, that it´s true.... but she hasn´t gotten baptized, because she doesn´t want to get married... It´s kind of frustrating to see someone so close to their blessings, without being able to have all of them... but we´re trying to help her feel the need to get married. Anyway, Hope you guys have another great week, and i´ll talk to you next Monday!

Love, PJ

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hey Everyone! I don´t have a lot of time left, so this is going to be kind of short... But this week, we went to Iquique for a Christmas conference with the mission President, and we´ve found several new investigators as well... such as Fernando and Michelle, who are from Ecuador, and have tons of real intent to know if the church and the Book of Mormon are true. During the Christmas conference, I was also able to talk with Elder Jennings again, which was cool. Anyway, I´ll talk to you guys next week, and let you know more about the investigators!!!!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Hey, Everyone!!!

I´m glad you had a great thanksgiving break, and had fun with the family! As you can see, Fabian got baptized this weekend, and his mom was able to come to see it as well. The baptisms are always really powerful moments for us as the missionaries, and for the participants, but my companion and I both felt that this was a particularly powerful baptism. The entire morning, I had been super stressed out about filling the baptismal font, and rushing from place to place getting everything ready. However, when the baptismal service began, I silently asked in prayer for the Spirit to be with me and that I could be calmed. The rest of the day, I was full of peace and joy. Sometimes, we are so focused on getting everything ready for the baptism, that we lose focus a little bit, on the baptism´s purpose as the key to a person´s salvation. It´s the need of changing one´s focus from something good to something better. I was reminded of the story of Mary and Martha.... and I realized that I had to put aside the busy, stressed way of Martha, and insted, opt for Mary´s disposition to focus instead on the Savior above all things.... knowing that we can trust Him to guide us in all our choices and needs of the day. Anyway, i don´t have more time right now... but I hope you had a great week, and below is a photo of me and my best friend! ;) hahaha!

Love, PJ

p.s… A few weeks ago they called me to ask which airport I´ll be returning to, so I told them Salt Lake City, UT…. I´ll get the itinerary in mid-December.