Monday, January 1, 2018

Hey, Everyone!!!

I´m glad you had a good Christmas, and that the family has been doing well. It sounds like you guys had fun visiting the family this week, and you had some pretty nice quality time, even with Dad beeing really busy. Anyway, as for your questions.... this week has been great! Remember how I had talked about Dalcy and Darleth, the 17 year old girl and the 9 year old girl from Bolivia that had tons of desire to get baptized?.... well... they got baptized, yesterday!!! It was super exciting for them, and they have so much desire in their hearts to be able to progress withing the church and serve missions.... they´re just super great over all! As for new years.... they had lots of fireworks that they were shooting off of the morro of Arica, which is like a big cliff at the bottom of the city that we can see from our apartment. Other than that, in Chile they always make manequins that they burn at midnight, so it can get kind of crazy... We had a dinner with a family where the dad is a less active member, and his daughter, Fernanda, is a really interested investigator that came to church this sunday with her boyfriend, and this week also agreed to be baptized in two weeks if she recieves her own answer that the church is true.

This week, we also had lots of investigators that came to church. One of them was a ten year old girl named Valentina. Almost all of her relatives are less active members of the church, and she has been an investigator for a very long time..... but the problem is that she has not been able to come to church regularly because her mom is in jail, and visiting hours to see her are only Sunday and Tuesday in the mornings. However, this Sunday she came to church with her grandma and her aunt, and her aunt told us that she wants us to teach the lessons to Valentina so she can be able to get baptized in January, because she will now be able to come to church every week. (I don´t know if the jail schedule changed for the new year or what... but it looks like she´s getting baptized in two more weeks). Anyway, hope you guys have another great week! ttyl!

Love, PJ

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