Monday, May 30, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well, with it being the beginning of summer! Winter is beginning here, since its the Southern Hemisphere, but its not that cold. It sounds like the summer can be brutal though! We have been doing well, and finding several more receptive investigators, which is awesome!!! There are a billion stray dogs here, so it's normal for them to be everywhere, and some people take pity on them, but don't want to keep them. 

Anyway, hope you are all doing well, and having fun! In a few more weeks I'll probably be moving sectors, because Elder Francis goes home in August, and I could stay here, or maybe leave to another area. who knows!  This week, we have really been trying harder to find lots of new investigators, and because of our efforts, we now have several new, very interested people!!! Nothing much has happened this week though...but I thought I would send some pictures that really describe Chile, and the people I hope you all enjoy! ;)  Anyway, love you all, and have a great week!

So this is a stray dog, with her puppies in the cave behind her.  Someone was nice enough to give the dogs blankets.... but don't really want to take care of them...So that was interesting, but then we have this picture:
So...same idea...stray dog that someone took pity on....but this one is a three-legged dog in a dress!! I love the people here, and they have interesting problem solving techniques...
Fridge doesn't fit in your apartment? Just stick it outside the door! ..... but this next one takes the cake!!!!
That emergency exit sign is pointing to the garbage chute!!!! This was taken on the 6th floor!!!! I don't think it would help much!!!!!

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed those pictures, and had a great week! I'll update you all next week!

-Elder Checketts

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