Monday, May 9, 2016

Another great week & Mother's Day Skype call!

Hey everyone!!! This is going to be shorter, because I'm running out of time today... but our one investigator, Manuel, came to church on Sunday, and it's his third!!! Which means he can get baptized once we know he understands everything, and we have taught him all the lessons.  It's been super exciting getting to see him progress, and hopefully, more people start coming to church!!! 

Anyway, today was also a great p-day! We live in Alto Hospicio, where there is lots of dirt, and a few grocery stores, but to get more American items like root beer and some other stuff, we have to go 20 minutes down to Iquique, which is the mission's second largest city.  So we went down there, and went to Jumbo (a really big american store), and we bought this:


It's a Toblerooooooooooooone!!!!!! We also bought Dominos! Did I mention it's really been hard being in a deprived South American Country? Hahaha! Well, hope everyone has a great week, and I'll give more updates next Monday!

Also, It was so nice getting to talk to you and the rest of the family yesterday! Love you, and it was so nice to see your face and talk to the world's best mom! :) Love you, and have a terrific week!

Love you all!!!

-Elder Checketts

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