Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another GREAT week in Chile!

I hope everyone had a great week this week!!!

God has really blessed us lately!!!  Earlier this week, it felt like all of our appointments were falling through, and things weren´t going as well as we had hoped.  Near the end of the day, we came to a house that had been a reference for a long time, and the person always seemed to be busy.  As my companion began to knock he said, ´´If he's not home, I think we need to drop him.´´ I agreed, expecting that the man wouldn't be home, but to our surprise, he opened the door and let us in.  We taught him and his girlfriend the restoration, and the two of them were so engaged and interested in what we were telling them.  As I recited the First Vision, they intently followed along in the pamphlet, and asked a lot of questions to better understand, and were very receptive to our answers.  At the end, we gave them a baptismal invitation, and they said yes!!! I know God will prepare people for us, and we should never give up on any of His children.  And we had an old investigator come to church, which we were not expecting, and the members immediately welcomed him in! It was awesome!!!   

In other news, I realized I haven't said much about what it´s like here.  My area is in the city of Alto Hospico.  It's literally just up the mountain from Iquique (a larger city several hours North of Antofagasta), but to get up here from Iquique it takes about 20 minutes, because you have to go back and forth across the side of the mountain.  Alto Hospicio has a TON of stray dogs...but haven't really had any problems with them.  The city is really dry (people have to water their cactus), and it is definitely a desert.  Me and my companion live in an apartment with two other elders (in a gated community so you can sleep at night, Mom), and the apartment is a little....special to say the least. There are two showers, and one of them is in the kitchen, and the other one is missing a shower curtain, so some previous elders tied yarn to a big black garbage bag, and that works :) 

Also... Mom!!! You're going to be a great Relief Society President!!!! Just enough sweetness and anxiety wrapped up in one package!!! but seriously, I know you'll do great!!! Also, I got an email from Dalton Douglass. He told me he got his mission call to Manchester, England!!! So cool!!! So this week, we've been doing well! 

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week, and continues to do well and have fun!!! Sorry no pictures this week, but I'll send extra next time! Love you all!

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