Monday, April 18, 2016


Hope everyone had a great week this week!!! 

I made the mistake of letting my companion know my birthday was on Saturday, so a lot of members found out, and I ended up eating way too much cake!!!  We had a good week though! Yesterday was stake conference, and because the area I´m in is too small to be it's own stake, but too big to be part of another stake, it's an independent area under President Dalton (my mission president)... so he acts as the area's stake president, and so he and his wife both spoke at the conference..... and it was really good!!! They both started getting emotional when talking about the area, and you could really tell how much they love the people here.  It's so powerful to see how the Spirit not only blesses those we are called to serve, but it also blesses us, as we open our hearts to the needs of the people.  I know that the greatest blessing we can have in our lives, is the ability to help others find the truth we already know. I hope everyone has a great week, and continues to be doing well!

Here's some pictures you guys!! So that first one is a giant pizza Mamita made for us, the second one is me with the birthday cake the young women's president made for me.... and the third one is a pair of wooden legs we found poking out above someone's roof. Hope you enjoy them!!! :)

(And another separate note to our family):

So this was a great week again! But unfortunately, Maricel had to take her son to the hospital this Sunday, so she didn't make it to church, and investigators have to go to church three times before baptism, so the earliest she'll be able to get baptized is the 14th. Oh well! We'll keep working with her, and praying that things don't come up that keep her from coming to church.  Also, about Mother's Day... There's an older missionary couple in our district, and they don't live too far from us.  We will probably go over there to Skype, since they have internet... I'll let you know when we have established times though. 

I had a great birthday by the way, thanks for asking!!! We had cake and pizza, and then we got more cake at a the young women's president's house.... because she's a baker, and that was really nice of them.  Really feeling like I'm getting the hang of living the life of a person in a deprived South American country ;)

I'm sure all of you will be shocked to hear, that I decided to open my birthday package on Monday...... As I was trying to cut through an inch of tape, my companion kept saying 'you can't open it yet! it's not your birthday yet!' I then explained to him that birthdays are meant to be celebrated like Hannakuh (utilizing the gifts during the whole week). So yeah.... thanks for the package. :) Nutella for breakfast :) Love you!!

-Elder Checketts

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