Monday, April 11, 2016

Another great week, and first baptism!!! :)

Hola everyone!!!

This week has been another great week! I'm continuing to love the people here, focusing on them, and having fun with my companion!  This week I gave my first baptismal invitation to a woman named Maricel, and she said yes!!! Her baptism date is set for the 7th of May, which is super exciting!!!! I probably won't be baptizing her, since my companion has known her longer, but that's ok! She's such a loving person and so ready to get baptized!!! It was really cool to ask her if she would be baptized.  I could feel the Spirit so strongly through the invitation, and me and my companion had so much energy and excitment afterwards!!!! 

Also, yes mom, I got the package. Thanks so much!!! Also, some things I forgot to tell you.... you know how you all were so happy that I'd be suffering by getting up at 6.30 every morning????? Well, Chilean culture is to get up late, and go to bed late, so to increase our effectiveness, our mission president changed our hours from 6.30 - 10.30, to 7.30 - 11.30!!!! So yeah.... I get to get up at 7:30.... which is really nice!!! Also, to save us time, the mission set up what are called 'mamitas'.  They're women in the ward that cook us lunch each day, and do our laundry each week.  We have to pay them, but it's still pretty convenient.  Also, the sister that committed to baptism (Maricel), is so awesome!!! She's super nice, and loves to hear the gospel.  The very first lesson I had with her, I felt so much compassion for her, and wanted to help her know the truth so badly.  It was a kind of deep compassion I had only ever felt one other time: everytime we taught Greta.  I love being here in Chile, and finding a deep love for the people that I know can only come from God. 
Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing really well to, and having fun!!! Talk to you next week!!!

- Elder Checketts

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