Monday, April 24, 2017

Hahahaha!  So you want photos?  of ANYTHING!  Here you go.  Hahaha!  Sorry.  I should be better with taking pictures.  But I haven't really taken any more lately...
About Easter though... Chile doesn't have any traditions that are different from the US.  Just hide chocolate eggs and find them again!  But the lunch we had with the Peruvian family was potatoes, rice, and chicken... but the rice was prepared with cilantro, and was really good... and the potatoes had a really yummy cream sauce made from milk, cheese, saltine crackers, and hot peppers.  (It sounds weird, but is really yummy).  Anyway, I'll write to you later... hopefully later today, but the lady in the computer place has to go on lunch break.  Love you!

A few hours later...  (I'm so glad PJ was able to write more!!!)  :)

Hey, again!

This week we worked really hard to go on visits with the members. Yesterday, for example, we had the help of a young couple named Christofer and Yessenia. We had the opportunity to teach an investigator with them, and visit Zunilda as well (Catalina´s mom). Yessenia and Christofer have two young kids, and both Christofer and Yessenia have gone through incredible changes to become strong members of the church. Yessenia was baptised when she was nine, but left the church at a young age. She later met Christofer, and the both of them were extremely worldly, conflicted people with addictions and bad habits. The missionaries began passing by, to reactivate Yessenia, but Christofer didn´t want ANYTHING to do with the church. A little while later, their son, Jairo, began waking up hysterical several nights straight, and Christofer permitted that the Elders enter their home to administer a priesthood blessing. He told us that after the blessing, Jairo never suffered from hysteria, and Christofer was convinced of the power of the priesthood. The couple left their groups of friends, their addictions, got married, and Christofer got baptized. They are now preparing to be sealed as a family in the temple in Santiago. When we went to visit one of our investigators with this couple, they testified so powerfully of eternal families, and the power that the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation has had in their lives. It is not difficult to see when someone has reached true conversion, because their choices change, and they testify with true conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

As for the investigators, they´re doing well. It´s been difficult getting them to come to church (because they enjoy sleeping), but we´ll keep working on that! And as for you´re question about Cristian (the investigator that works in the jail)... yes, he did take us on a tour... and yes, it was kind of freaky... at first. For security, they had to take our phone, and lock this giant, metal door behind us... but all the inmates were working, and didn´t say anything to us. They were actually really respectful. I can only imagine what happens if they disrespect the wardons, or visitors...... But I thought it was funny... they can do more things than we can!!! They have televisions, and a library!!! hahaha! 

But anyway, hope that was a good bit of thoughts for the week :) Love, you! And since you want more pics... here´s one of my companion in the middle of a haircut ;)

--Elder Checketts

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