Monday, April 10, 2017

Hey Everyone!

This week was transfers. I´m staying here in Chañaral, but Elder Burgos is leaving to Arica (the most northern city of the mission). My new companion is another Chilean, named Elder Silva, from Concepción. Hopefully this cambio goes well, and we have lots of success, and help the branch a lot.  About conference in Spanish.... I understand everything at this point, so it was fine.  

About Valentina... the baptism fell through, and her mom asked us to stop passing by for a while, because she´s having difficulties with depression, and essentially doesn´t want the hope of religion to mess with her brain more. (It doesn´t make a ton of sense, but better not to make her mom mad.)

However, this week we were blessed to find a super receptive, religious family, that loved the message we share, and committed to being baptized, if they read the Book of Mormon, and feel that it´s true!!! It was super awesome to get to know them!   Other than that, the week was pretty slow. We worked hard, but it was simply one of those weeks :) We´ll keep working hard, and Heavenly Father will bless our efforts.  Have another great week! 

--Elder Checketts

p.s.  Also, just so you know...we only have an hour to read & write all our emails on P-days, so I usually end up having to rush, and can't write a lot, but try to share the highlights of my week.  :) 

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