Monday, April 3, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Zone conference was great last week. President Ferreira focused a bit on the numbers, because people were putting really high goals that were not realistic, so he helped the missionaries understand that we have to realize that growth is a process, and that 7 baptisms isn´t a realistic goal, if we didn´t have any last cambio. I don´t have the birthday package yet, but I´ll be getting it next week, at the beginning of the next cambio. We´ll see what happens with transfers, as my companion and I have been together 3 months now, but only one cambio in each sector. 

Conference was super good as well, but I swear it gets shorter every time ;) As the only gringo in ChaƱaral, I got to watch conference in Spanish. It was super uplifting, and I especially loved the talk by President Uchtdorf, about how fear often motivates us, and how we can have better things motivate us, such as the love of Christ, that will chase away all of our fear. I loved that message! It´s something I need to continue to cultivate as a missionary, especially when I have fear of baptizing someone that could go inactive, or teach someone that I worry won't progress, or try to make an important decision that I feel will upset my companion. If we act in righteousness, and with love, we will always be choosing the right, but also FEELING the right! 

In answer to your questions...  About earthquakes and bugs.... I haven´t felt any earthquakes lately.... and bugs are almost non-existant in this mission! There are lots of ants in Vallenar, as it´s the greenest city in the mission, but in contrast, a city like Calama, in the middle of the desert doesn´t even have FLEAS!!! (I loved Calama!)   About teaching English classes... we try doing English classes, but no one comes. :(   We´ll try it a few more times, but I think we will end up canceling, because it´s more effective to proselyte. As far as things I can´t get here, there´s not really anything I need... and the members are doing well too (and yes mom, they´re feeding me fine!)  In response to a friend who was called to Bolivia on his mission... My Bolivian converts have all been super awesome, down to Earth people, and the Bolivian elder here that shares the apartment is super cool too.  

As for us, we are helping several people prepare for their baptisms soon. The investigator closest to getting baptized is an 18 year-old girl named Valentina. She has a lot of faith in God, and says that our church is different from the others, because you can really feel a peace in the LDS church. She quickly accepted baptism as a way for her to become closer to her Father in Heaven, and she even came to conference with us!!! We´ll keep working with her, and our other investigators, and I´ll tell you how the progress goes!  I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Checketts

p.s.  About the new temple announced for Saratoga Springs... That is Super awesome! I heard that and was super excited!  The other Elders were kind of jealous, as they´re all latinos.   They said, ´´Another temple in Utah??´´ hahaha! 

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