Monday, April 17, 2017

Hi everyone!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  I had a good birthday and Easter. We ate with a Peruvian family yesterday, and the food was REALLY good! Chilean food is really plain, and so every time we get a little touch of Peru or Bolivia, its a nice little change :) Thanks for the birthday/Easter package, by the way! I´ve been studying the Portuguese book of Mormon now, which is cool. Thanks for that! It makes me feel really smart, because I can understand a language I don´t know! hahaha! I can´t speak it.... or pronounce any of the words, but the grammar and spelling is very similar to Spanish. Thanks for all the candy, too! The smart food disappeared in about 10 seconds ;)  I´m glad that you guys enjoyed Easter as well! 

As for the investigators, there´s a young mom that lives in our sector named Thiare, that is super receptive, and has a lot of desire to change, and be baptized!!! She´s super humble, and willing to follow the will of God for her. The only problem is that she has to get married first. Hopefully we can help her with that, but generally its kind of a long process. The family that we found previously... Hilda, Amaro, and Francisca, are super awesome and receptive, but have been hard to find. It seems that they are really busy people, so we haven´t had the opportunity to teach them again :( But we´ll keep trying!!! We also have an investigator named Cristian, that is Catholic, but has a lot of desire to recieve the truth directly from God,  so he commited to pray and read the Book of Mormon! He´s also kind of hard to find, but he let us teach him at work. It was interesting, as he works in the prison. He gave us a full tour and everything!!! ;) It was super cool, and he´s a really sincere person. 

I´m glad that everyone has been doing well with school, and prom, and work, and that Dad enjoyed his birthday! Anyway, i´m running short on time, but have a great week!

Love, PJ

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