Monday, May 1, 2017

Hey Everyone!

This week was slow, but ended on a good note. On Friday, we had a home evening in the church as a branch, that was super awesome and super fun, but earlier that day, all of our plans and appointments were falling through, and we decided to knock doors, to find more people. NO ONE opened their door!! So as it got close to the home evening, we were getting ready to head over to the church with little success in our efforts, and I decided that we'd try with one more house. So I picked a friendly looking one that said welcome, on the door. A young mom answered the door, and said, "Elders! Come on in!" It turns out she and her husband had investigated the church for a long time in the south of Chile... but lost contact when they moved... but now, she wants to start receiving the lessons again!!! ¡Hay milagros! (There are miracles!) However, even with this awesome little miracle, none of our investigators came to church :( Even if we pass by ten different people on Sunday morning, sometimes it's difficult to remember that each person still has their own choice...and we simply have to trust that God will touch their hearts, and help them get HIS timing. Not always ours... :) Anyway, I'll keep working hard, and work on finding more people. :) Hope you all have another great week!

--Elder Checketts

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