Monday, May 8, 2017

(In reference to the talk by President Uchtdorf, "Fourth Floor, Last Door.")

I love that talk!!! It was actually in my mind when I decided to knock ´´just one more door´´. It´s such a powerful story. And like you said, it has everything to do with the principle of faith. Because real faith always leads to action. 

We´ve had a very productive week! I was a bit discouraged, and we weren´t finding many people, but I decided to apply more effort, and teach all the people I could... and it really paid off! We´ve found some super interested and willing people, to listen to the gospel. I realized that I had slowly slipped into the trap of just working with all my might and strength, but witholding my heart and mind. And I´ve been a lot happier. :) Hopefully, we´ll get people to church this coming week. I don´t remember if I already told you guys, but we found a young mom named Maricel.... That talked a lot with missionaries before, came to church, and even recieved a witness of the Book of Mormon. The only problem is that her husband told her that she can´t talk with the missionaries. :( We´ll see if there´s anything we can do for her....

However, your questions really made me think deeply ;) .... so as for the greatest lesson that I´ve learned so far on the mission..... A lot of things crossed my mind: that I´ve learned to be a lot more patient with other people and with myself, I´ve learned how to better forgive myself of weakness, how to work hard, and press through discouragement. But all those things I´d sum up as having learned better for myself, how to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. I´ve realized better for myself the love that God has for every one of us, and how to express that love to the investigators... and how to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ for myself. I have truly seen the Lord´s hand supporting me in the hardest days, and carrying me on His shoulders when necessary. Through His example, I have seen how I can better carry those I teach on my shoulders. 

As for my favorite companion... That´s a hard one. Elder Francis, Elder Jennings, and Elder Burgos specifically have made a great impact on me. Elder Francis truly became my best friend for the entire time that I was with him as my companion, and Elder Jennings and I saw lots of miracles occur with many investigators, and the blessing of many baptisms. I also grew to love Elder Burgos like a brother... (because sometimes he tested my patience in the same way as Jonah)... but I learned a lot from him, and helped me a lot to improve.

As for the greatest blessing from my mission so far: I´d say definitely being able to see huge changes in the lives of others. Nothing makes me so happy as seeing the Spirit touch someone´s heart to make true changes in their lives!

I know I didn´t finish all the questions... but I have to go now. You can ask me all you want during our Skype call on Mother's Day.... and I´ll answer the rest next week. 

Have a great week everyone!  
-Love, PJ

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