Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!!

After waiting about 2-1/2 hours, PJ FINALLY called!!! Hooray!!!!! Because of a few challenges, it took a little longer to call us... They had the first rain there in about 4 years, and it flooded everything... The church, the roads, destroyed bridges, etc. Church was cancelled & they've been without water & power for a couple of days (they have bottled drinking water, and the power just barely came back on). They are fine & safe, just couldn't go anywhere, so had to figure out a few things... They were finally able to walk to a member's house to Skype. .  SO glad he was finally able to call!!! We loved seeing his smiling face & hearing his voice (and cute Spanish accent!). He is doing great & is happy & healthy! (He's lost about 25 lbs since he started his mission, but he is healthy & feels good).  When we were talking to him, he had a hard time remembering a few English words & mixed in a few Spanish words while we were talking...hahaha!   He hasn't spoken English at all for several months, because his companion & the other elders in his apartment are all native Spanish speakers.  It was SOOO great to see him & talk to him!!!!  When you only get to see & talk to your child twice a year, it's a pretty big deal!!!  :) It made our day!!! 

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