Monday, March 6, 2017

Hey, everyone! 

This week has been great, here in Chañaral!  The town is really peaceful, and right next to the sea, surrounded by mountains.  

I had the unique opportunity to visit one of Uncle Bart´s converts here in Chile!
When I entered Chañaral, I was really excited to be able to contact several of the people taught by Elder Vance, when he was here several years ago. I made sure not to forget the name Jorge Rojas, that he told me to contact, if I ever made it here. So the first thing I did when I got here, was ask the branch president where Jorge lived, and went to visit him. Unfortunately, when I passed by, he was working, but his wife made sure to tell him that I had passed by to see him. The rest of the week we worked as usual, with the hope to visit Jorge the next week sometime. However, during sacrament meeting on Sunday, during the opening hymn, the man in front of me passed me this photo:

Jorge was super excited to hear that Elder Vance was doing well, as was his sister Deisy, that got baptized at the same time as Jorge, but is not currently living in Chañaral. But upon the request of showing Elder Vance that he´s also doing well, we took this picture:

​Years later, and here´s Jorge, his mother, his wife, and his oldest son, who has since returned from a mission in Guatemala. It was super cool to be able to visit this family, and talk about his conversion, and all that has happened since the missionaries first knocked on his door in 1988.

In other news, my companion and I have a baptism this Saturday! It´s a 13 year-old girl named Catalina, whose mom is a less active member. Catalina was taught by the sister missionaries that were here before, and she has a lot of desire to be baptized and follow Christ. 

As well, today for p-day we took pictures of Chañaral from a local lighthouse. hope you enjoy :)

​Hope everyone enjoyed the photos, and I´ll let you all know how the baptism went!

-Elder Checketts

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