Monday, March 20, 2017

Hi everyone!  

I´m glad you´re doing well!  This week, we´ve seen tons of miracles! First off, we have two baptisms this Saturday: Benjamin, and Dilan. Benjamin is 12, and Dilan is 13. Both are miracle baptisms. Benjamin has been an investigator FOREVER! His sister is a less active member, and she´s his legal guardian, so as he is under age, she has to be the one to sign the baptismal form. The sister missionaries had tried time and time again to teach him and prepare him, but his sister would never give permission for him to get baptized, because she felt like he still didn´t know enough about the church. However, we´ve only been teaching him for a little more than 2 weeks, and when we went to talk to his sister, she signed the baptismal form immediately!!! It just shows that everyone has their time, and that the Spirit will soften the hearts of the people, when it is God´s will that something happens. The other young man is Dilan. He lives with a part member family, and so he had already heard quite a bit about the church, but as we were preparing him with the lessons, and began planning his baptismal interview, he told us that he probably wasn´t going to get baptized, because it´s likely that his mom can´t come to the baptism. However, he agreed to have the interview anyway, and afterwards was super animated and ready to take the step of baptism in his life!!! This week, we also ran into a lady who is a member of the church, but her family aren´t members, and she was the mamita to the missionaries for several years! We also met by coincidence a woman who said her son goes to the LDS church. When she told us his name, we realized it´s one of the hermana´s converts, that´s now super strong in the church, and acompanies the missionaries frequently! So that was really cool to see!  In answer to your question, the other Elders that live with us are from Bolivia, and Peru. They´re cool as well, and definitely help to improve my Spanish. ;)   I hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Checketts

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