Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey, everyone!

This week, we were blessed with the baptism of a fourteen year-old girl named Catalina. She was thoroughly prepared by the hermanas (sister missionaries) that were here in Chañaral before us. It was a beautiful experience for her, and for her mom, Zunilda, who is also a member, but has not come to church in several years. 

At the baptism, the Spirit was extremely powerful. Zunilda, who was normally telling us about something bad that happened during the week, had a complete change of perspective, and she mentioned how touched she felt to be part of the baptism of her daughter. In showed simply but powerfully, the change each one of us can have if we simply let the Spirit into our hearts. 

This reminded me of a scripture that I love:

´´I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.´´ Doctrine and Covenants 82:10

The Lord has promised us His Spirit if we simply accept Him and His teachings in our lives. I also love the fact that the Lord doesn´t limit us and our potential. He wants us to be as happy as possible. This not only became a realization when we saw the change the Spirit made on Zunilda, but also something I´ve seen with the loss of the Spirit any time I´ve had an argument with my companion. The opposite is very true as well: that we bacome extremely limited in our potential if we DON¨T allow the Spirit in our hearts. 

´´No estáis limitados por nosotros, sino que estáis limitados por vuestro propio corazón.´´ 2 Corintios 6:12

This scripture is one I´ve shared before, but one I love, especially in Spanish. The scripture is a little different in English, but the literal translation is, ´´Ye are not limited by us, but rather, ye are limited by your own heart.´´ I love those words, and are the ones the I reflect on again and again each day to see if I have done my part in the work of the Lord. Am I limiting myslef today? And how can I improve upon that? 

Overall this week was a good one, and I learned a lot. I hope all of you have another great week, and I´ll write you next Monday!

- Elder Preston Checketts

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