Monday, August 15, 2016

I hope everyone had another great week!

This week was great for us, as it was full of baptismal interviews! We have several very prepared investigators ready for their baptisms, such as Justina and Javier, who are an awesome couple that are doing everything they can to get married, to be ready for their baptisms.  In Chile, its extremely common for people to live together and have kids, without being married, because they find it easier than having to go through marriage paperwork.  Its often a very complicated obstacle for our investigators, but its definitely true that when people decide to do something to fulfill God's commandments, He will bless them, and empower them with the ability to do what they need to. Another amazing investigator we have is Daniela, who is only twelve, but is ready and excited for baptism, despite lack of support at home.  In reality, we have been blessed with a lot of ready and animated investigators, and have had very powerful, amazing lessons that show the reality of God's hand when helping missionaries to say the exact things that need to be said. 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer they have! While it's transitioning from summer to fall in North America, it's transitioning from Winter to Spring, here in Chile, and as it gets closer to summer, its going to get REALLY hot! (Especially in the middle of the desert, in Calama!) I hope everyone has another good week, and I'll update everyone again next Monday!

-Elder Checketts

From Preston's mom:  As a side note, I woke up this morning & found a message on my facebook, from someone that I don't know, that said, "Your son is in my ward, he is so smart and lovely, congrats for that!"  :)  It made my day!  I sent a quick note to PJ to tell him, because I knew he would be online later today, and when he wrote us his weekly letters, he said that Narda (The lady who emailed me) served a misiĆ³n in LA, so she speaks a Little English. Her husband is actually getting ready to have his baptism on Sunday, which is exciting! We have his on sunday, and a twelve year old named Daniela on Saturday.  But yeah... if you get friend requests or something from people in Chile, its probably because they know me :) Anyway, love you! Hope you have another great week!

Love, PJ

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