Saturday, August 27, 2016

(From Preston's Mom:)
I got another message from a lady in Preston's ward, along with a short note: 
She said, "Your son eating bolivian food in my house."  :)  It's great to see pictures, and know he's doing well and getting fed, and that the sweet members there are taking good care of the missionaries. (It looks like PJ just got a very short buzz haircut too...)  :)

I wrote to PJ, asking him what this was & if he liked it.  This was his response...

We've been visiting (this member) a lot lately, because her husband is preparing for baptism.  The soup is called ''fricase''.  It was kind of weird, but it was good.  It was spicy, and I haven't had spicy food in forever!!! (Chileans like bland stuff).  Every Saturday and Sunday, we eat with members, the rest of the days we eat with our mamita (who cooks really well!)  I haven't really eaten anything really weird... Its mostly just rice, chicken, beans, empanadas...things like that. Empanadas are REALLY good!! There's an empanada place close, that we've gone to several times.... and it's like heaven!! The only weird thing I've been served was ''watita'' (cow stomach), but it was our mamita in Alto Hospicio, and she said ''you can try it if you want, but don't have to''.... so I didn't.  There was also a werid soup I got once in Alto Hospicio, but that was like a native mapuche recipe or something, but I haven't really gotten much else really out of the blue.  They have really potent olives here that are really gross, that they sometimes put in empanadas, but that's it.  Anyway, love you, and have a good week!

Love, PJ

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