Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 5... next week will be from Chile!

Hey everyone!!!

I´m getting so excited to leave for Chile, and I hope everyone else is doing well!!  Spanish is continuing to come along, and as of Friday, we learned everything we need to know to be fluent.  At this point it´s just practicing tenses and grammar, but we are doing review the rest of this week on tough parts, which is really good!!!  I´ve been ready to leave the MTC, but now I´m reallizing that I´m going to miss it a little, especially because I wont see my district or zone again, since i´m the only one in both going to Antofagasta.  I´m super excited though!! I´ve been able to make lots of friends here, and learn how strengthen my relationship with the Spirit, and work well in a companionship.  Next time I send my weekly email, I will be in Chile, and I can´t wait to teach people (real investigators!!!)....That reminds me, once a week we teach lessons to volunteers from Mexico City to improve our teaching and Spanish skills.  Most volunteers are members, and if you happen to get a non-member volunteer, you are supposed to have an instructor sit in with you as you teach.  Anyway, a few weeks ago, Elder Olsen and I got a girl for our volunteer who was about our age, and so we sat down, and started asking her what she liked to do, and how long she had been a member.  She looked at us with a blank stare, asking, ´´¿Un miembro?´´ We then clarified we were talking about the LDS church, and she looked shocked, and said, ´´¡No! No Soy mormón!´´ We quickly scrapped our lesson plan and just taught about faith and prayer.  It was really cool to teach a real non-member though, even if on accident... .)
I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying themselves!!! Talk to everyone next week!

-Love, Elder Checketts

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