Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 3... halfway through the MTC!

We are going to the temple today, so I´m crunched for time.  I promise I will do individual emails next week, but I don´t have time today.  First off, I loved the pictures you guys sent me.  Tessa looks beautiful in her dress, and I know she will have a great time at prom.....Also, your dog is fat.  Anyway, I´m doing well still, and I can´t believe I´m half-way through the MTC!!!!  This week, our zone leaders left, and we are now the oldest generation in our zone.  Elder Olsen and I got called as the zone leaders on Sunday, and at first it was stressful, but we really get to know each person in the zone really well, and try to help them any way we can.  It is really a blessing to be given a calling that allows you to empathize with other people.  Oh, thanks btw for finding the online MTC package thing.... I kept forgetting to tell you about it.  Also, if you send all emails both to my email, and to: (, it is printed off and put in my mtc mailbox, so I can read the emails thru the week, and have more time on my p-day to email, and not read as many.  I´m doing well, I´m getting a hang of Spanish, the Spirit is very powerful during lessons, and I love my district and zone!!! Love you all, and talk to you again soon!!!

- Elder Checketts.

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