Monday, March 28, 2016

Last day at the Mexico City MTC...then off to Chile!!!

PJ's last day at the Mexico City MTC.  He flies out  tonight at 7 pm, arrives in Santiago, Chile early tomorrow morning, then catches another flight to Antofagasta, Chile, arriving there around 12:30 pm (on Tues. March 29).  We can't wait to hear all about it!  He is so excited & happy!  We sure love this boy of ours!!!  :)

(And as a side note... he said he was going to try to get a calling card & call us from the airport in Mexico, sometime between 3-6 pm on Monday.  We hadn't heard anything from him by 6, so figured he wasn't able to call, but finally got a call at 6:30!  Unfortunately only Tessa & I were there, so Neil & Jonah & Clay didn't get to talk to him.  It was only a few minutes, because he had to catch his flight, but it was so good to hear his voice & talk for a minute!  He was going to try to get another phone card & call from the Santiago airport early this morning, before flying to Antofagasta, but we didn't hear from him.  I'm assuming that it either took longer to get through customs than expected, or he wasn't able to get another phone card.  Bummer that he didn't get to talk to Neil & the boys, but at least we will get to Skype with him on Mother's Day (hopefully!!!)  :) 

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