Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week 4...

Hey Everyone!!!

As of today, I have been on my mission for a month, which is super weird!!! The month right before I left was the slowest month of my life.... now this has been the fastest (although Mom might not agree).  The week right before my group got here to the Mexico MTC, Elder Oaks came to speak.  It was a bummer we missed him by such a short amount of time, but now, this Friday, Elder Cook is coming to give a devotional.  My companion and I are doing really well also!  The district continues to get along really well, and it´s sad to think I probably won´t see them again after the MTC, since none of them are going to my mission, but i´m so excited to get into the field!!!!  Sounds like everyone is doing really well, and I hope everyone has a great week!!!

- Elder Checketts

Also, I got the snacks!!! Thanks so much!!!  And sorry I didn´t send any pictures this time... There are only so many things you can take pictures of in the MTC.

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