Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey, everyone!

Hopefully you all had another good week, and that everyone is still enjoying the snow for me :)

As for my week here, we found several new people who are interested in our message as missionaries, and have commited to getting baptized. Today, we also have an investigator who is returning from her vacation in Peru, and will hopefully be getting baptized this week. 

However, this week we also had planned the baptism of Michael and his dad, Cristian. Cristian has been investigating for a long time, but is also investigating another church, and still isn`t sure as to which one he should join. For that reason, his and his son`s baptisms have been postponed, but we are going to keep working hard with him, to help him understand the Restoration of the gospel, and help him to undertsand that he can recieve his own answers through prayer. 

Also, It`s crazy what a mission does to your teaching skills. Before my mission, if someone told me 5 minutes before a class to give the lesson, I wouldn`t have been able to do it.... or we would have read the entire Book of Mormon as my ''class.''  But now, its commonplace and natural.  Lots of times, the teacher for gospel principles doesn`t come, so we have to do the lesson without planning.... and in Spanish.  It really keeps you on your toes ;)

That`s about all that happened this week, but we`ll be working hard with Cristian, Michael, and the other investigators that are progressing rapidly, to get them ready for baptism. Hope you all have another great week, and I`ll update you next Monday!

-Elder Checketts

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