Monday, February 20, 2017

(From Preston's mom:  PJ didn't have time to write a public email this week, but he sent a picture of his area, that I'll attach below, and I'll share a little of my letter as well... AND, this past Friday, Feb. 17th, PJ hit his 1-year mark!!!  Crazy to think that it's been a year already!  The time has flown by so fast!!!  Also, He FINALLY got his new debit card, after several months & re-sending it twice!  So, he was able to go buy some new dress pants for $6.24 US dollars!  And it's funny, because the clothes that we bought him right before he left, all fit just fine, but several months ago he said that he had lost about 16 lbs!  So I wonder if he's lost more weight, since it sounds like his pants were getting so baggy! Hahaha!  At least he looks well & healthy in all of his pictures!  :))  

Wow, I`ve already hit a year!!! I can`t believe it either!!! About the pants I bought though... They were dress pants... because the ones I got from Mr. Mac are HUGE!!!! They`re clown pants, I swear! So I needed something that fit better. ;)   

Anyway, hope you have a great week, and I`ll talk to you again next week!  We are still working with those interested people!  We had several that accepted baptism immediately.... but they didn`t come to church :(  We`ll keep going!  Oh.... and today, we had a water balloon fight as a zone!

Talk to you later!  
Love, PJ

(I also asked PJ about a mural that he said he painted on the side of a school building in his first area (Alto Hospicio), for a service project, that he didn't mention until just a few weeks ago).  This is what he said...   I didn`t have my camera that day. For one, because we were in the sketchiest part of the sector, and I didn`t want paint on it either. But the mural was of hills and a sky, with kids playing and trees made out of the kids hands. Sorry I don`t take more pictures. I should do that more often. Or at least tell you guys more about what I do :)  (He's never been one to take a lot of pictures, or go on & on about details or brag about his accomplishments, etc., so we have to ask him lots of questions to get details...hahaha!)  

Here`s the picture of Vallenar from my sector:

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