Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hopefully everyone had a good week!

For us, we had two really interested investigators have their baptismal interviews this week. It´s an older woman named Nelly, and her great- ganddaughter Fernanda that are friends with a family in our ward. Although fairly young, Fernanda has a very strong desire to serve God, and do good things to make Him happy. It´s so simple, yet so powerful, to be able to have such childlike faith, and such a determination to take hold of unfamiliar teachings, and continue in righteousness. Fernanda truly has a kind of zeal for the church I´ve rarely seen in adults, let alone children. 

Her Great grandmother, Nelly, was baptized in the Catholic Church, and at first did not see any reason for a second baptism, but as we explained the need for baptism only after an age where we are conscious of sin, she saw it as a very good, and necessary step of the remission of sins, and as well commited to be baptized.  

This really shows that when people understand the purpose of baptism: that it truly is a cleansing of our sins, they will want it. If someone understands that God wants to help them in every step in their lives, they understand that everything He has commanded of us is for our benefit. It has always been amazing to see people on different levels of this understanding, and watch their change as it finally clicks personally for them.  

I´ll let everyone know how the baptism goes this week, and I´ll talk to you all later next Monday!

-Elder Checketts

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