Monday, January 2, 2017

Hey, everyone!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed new years, and have had a great week! 
I realized on Saturday, that New Years in South America is interesting, to say the least. It´s a tradition for people to make manequins, and at 12, set them on fire.  People were very creative with this. Some manequins looked like people and had old clothes, others were minions, transformers, or twenty feet tall pokemon! Luckily, we were in the appartment, when all the craziness happened, but the next morning there were ashes, confeti, and firecrackers everywhere. Not to mention houses that had music blasting nearly 48 hours straight. 

However, we did have a lot of good come out of New Years. A lot of our investigators went on vacation, so we had to find lots of new people this past week, and we found several really receptive families, that we are now helping to prepare for baptism. Hopefully I´ll still be in Calama, to see their baptisms, but since I´ve been here for six months, it´s likely that I could be leaving. But wherever I´m supposed to go, I know that´s where I´ll be sent. 

I hope everyone has another great week, and starts the new year off well! I´ll write you all next week!

-Elder Checketts

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