Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hey, everyone! 

First things first, I`m sorry I didn`t write yesterday. I got transferred, and was on a bus all day, for 16 hours or so. 

This week, a lot of things happened!  First off, we had two baptisms. The 8-year old girl, Fernanda, and her great- grandma, Nelly. They felt the Spirit powerfully during their baptisms, and were very happy afterwards. Although Nelly was a bit hesitant at first, she decided to get baptized, and it was clear that she personalized with the things that were being taught in Gospel Principles, about the existence of God, and how we can feel His presence through ordinances of His, such as baptism, confirmation, and the sacrament. Overall, they have enjoyed the Spirit within the church, and have had lots of support from the members.  They had a great experience, and were baptized with two other people that were investigators of the other Elders in the ward. It was a great time for us and for them!  

I also got a call from the assistants, that I would be leaving Calama, to go to Vallenar. Vallenar is the southern-most city in the mission, and certainly a lot greener than Calama. It has flowers & plants (a huge change from Calama), and is very pretty!  I`m in a branch called Torreblanca, that has two elders and two sisters. I`m excited to start working here, and helping the people of Vallenar!  ...and guess who else is in our pension! Elder Jennings! hahahha! It`s good to see him again, since we got along and had lots of success together. My new companion`s name is Elder Burgos, and he`s from Santiago, Chile. He just finished his training, so he`s still pretty new, but he`s friendly, and really wants to work, which is good! 

I`m glad you are all doing well also!  Hopefully everyone else has a good week, and I`ll let you know how my first week in Vallenar goes!

-Elder Checketts

(Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. The computer wasn`t accepting my camera, so I`ll try to send them next week!)

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