Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This was a fantastic week! We had the three baptisms of Justina, Javier, and Antonia, and we had several lessons with new, very receptive investigators.  The baptism was really special for the entire ward, because they quickly became acquainted with everyone at church, and were waiting for months to be able to get all the paperwork done to get married.  And we got to go to their wedding as well, which was cool!  When they were finally able to get baptized, it was a huge, important event for many of the ward members.  
A little while before the baptism, we began filling the font, but soon realized, that after a few seconds the water heater shut off.  Since Antonia is only 9, we didn't want the water to be freezing, so we had to rush over to the stake center, and start filling the font there.  Luckily, it was a great service, and the water was nice and warm (though a bit shallow, due to the last minute change).  It is really rewarding to see people make necessary changes, to enter the waters of baptism.  It was truly a great week all in all, and I hope everyone else had a great week as well! Talk to you next week!

- Elder Checketts

(From PJ's mom):
I sent a care package a couple of months ago, with snacks & treats that he can't get there, and included some mini M&M's packs, and told PJ to share with his companion, & this is what he said...
"I got the package you sent me! Thanks so much! I saw the note you put on the m&ms, and gave one to Elder Jennings. He decided to email you out of appriciation, now ;) Hahaha!"

And then this was the message from PJ's companion... (his first name also happens to be Preston!)  Hahaha!

"Hello Sister Checketts, I'm the campanion of Elder Checketts and he got his package today and he was REALLY REALLY REALLY happy, and I am as well, because this was inside..."

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