Monday, September 12, 2016

Hope everyone had another great week.  

This week we recieved the news that we are going to a different sector in the same city.  I'm excited to begin starting here, and opening a sector is new for both Elder Jennings and me... so we will see how it goes!  This week we had several lessons that surprised us, with people who were previously very uninterested, and now are very apparantly growing in the faith of what we are telling them.  It has been great preparation for the sister missionaries that will now be occupying that area.  The ward was sad to have their elders leave, but I know the hermanas will help them just as we have.  This was a good week, all in all, animating people and helping them to better understand the gospel.  Talk to everyone next week! 

-Elder Checketts

below is also a photo from Justina and Javier's wedding, that I forgot to post earlier.

(From PJ's mom)...
Here is an additional note from PJ's letter to me.  I had sent him a care package a couple of months ago, that he just got last week, with snacks, treats, and some CTR rings (in Spanish), to give to little kids in his area.  This was what he said...

"Thanks so much for those CTR rings by the way! I already gave two away to Justina and Javier's daughters, Antonia, and Daniela (who will turn 8 in October).  The m&ms carried, just so you know... they were good, and intact :)  I'm excited for conference too! Last time, they set up a ''gringo room'', to listen to conference in English, in the church. It was only because one of the senior couples was in Alto Hospicio though, and they set it all up.  I think I'll have to listen to it in Spanish this next time. Anyway, I'm exited to start working in this new sector..." 

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