Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey guys! 

Hope you had a good week, and are continuing to enjoy the summer!!!  I'm really feeling the cold winter here, while sandboarding, and looking at the nice, clear ocean ;) jk.  This week, we went down to Iquique to go sandboarding on our P-day, which was super fun! It's like snowboarding.... but the Atacama desert doesn't have much snow, so sand is second best :)  It's super nice weather here, and I'm enjoying looking around Iquique.  There are several of the investigators I love visiting because of how awesome of people they are, and there are some members that are just awesome and so friendly too! We are continuing to find people, and working on helping them change their lives. We've seen people slowly becoming more receptive, as they start understanding what we are teaching, and slowly become more willing to leave their old lives behind.  It's definitely a slow process though! 

One of our investigators committed to be baptized, if she prays and feels the church is true, so that was a great boost during the week! And we are continuing to work with our investigators who have accepted baptismal dates, to help and prepare them for that.  We also had the opportunity to watch the Chile vs Bolivia soccer game since it's the American Cup, and no one is outside, or will let us in during soccer games, since Chile is crazy for soccer... so we have permission to watch all the Chile games during the Cup, as long as we are with a member or investigator.  Tomorrow we get to see Chile vs Panamá, and we are organizing it to be an activity at the church, so we can invite members and investigators, and find more people to teach.  Hopefully, we will have another great week teaching and finding, and hopefully you all have a great week too! I'll update you next week!

Love, Elder Checketts

below are some pictures. The bottom one is from sandboarding with the other elders, and the top is a copper plate of Chile I bought, to keep a piece of the culture :)

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