Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey, everyone!

This was an awesome week!!! First off, we have a baptism on Saturday!!! It's an 11 year old named Franco, whose Mom is a less active member, but because he wants to get baptized, she's getting reactivated. It's super exciting to see a kid so young want to do something so important. I'm super happy for their family, and it also looks like I'll be the one baptizing him! Unfortunately, I don't know the family as well as I would like, since they were in the other sector before we combined, but I can tell that Luz (the mom) is really happy with her son's decision, and is happy coming to church again. We also have an amazing story this week, with an investigator named Eduardo.  Eduardo, when we first met him was very stubborn. He has problems with drinking and smoking, and at the time, did not want to stop, and always tried to disprove us with the Bible. When we taught him the restoration, everything started making sense for him, and he became much more receptive, even to the point of saying he'd try to quit smoking... a HUGE step from what we saw at first. After that, was the cambio, and the next visit I had was with Elder Aparco, who decided to invite Eduardo to be baptized.  I was sure he'd say no, and kick us out of his house, so I prayed that his heart would be softened, and he'd say yes.  I immediately got a strong impression that he would say yes. Honestly.....I doubted that answer, but sure enough, he commited to be baptized on the 30th of July, and to come to church... and he came! I know God answers prayers, and that he can soften any willing heart. Hope everyone had a great week as well!

-Elder Checketts

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