Monday, November 7, 2016

This week we had a great baptism for Cesar.  He already knew a lot about the church, and when we began teaching him, he vigorously accepted what we taught, and bore his strong testimony to us. He recognized the Spirit very strongly at his baptism, and it was a very special experience for him.

​However, the baptism was not without its challenges.  First.... we left the faucet in the baptismal font running a little longer than necessary, and we came back to find a flooded building.  Luckily, we cleaned it up with a high-powered vaccuum, before it started. Then, just before the service started, a member voiced concerns about the baptism that we decided to call our mission president about.  Beforehand, I was feeling very good, and that we were all ready, but was now doubting, based on the member´s concerns. As we talked with our president, he re-affirmed what we had felt before, and told us, ´´We cannot let the doubts of our minds interfere with what a person has testified.´´ This statement struck me strongly, and I realized how powerful it is.  Often we second guess decisions or feelings that we previously had a surity in. But God is NEVER the author of confusion, and all we ever need to do when confused, is ask.  It really taught a powerful lesson, and I´m glad we had the experience.  

I hope you all had a great week as well, and I´ll update you all next week!

-Elder Checketts

(From PJ's mom... in reference to some questions about his Christmas packages, and the earthquakes in Chile, etc., here are Preston's answers...)

I got the Christmas packages......And opened the flat one (I said PJ could open that one on Dec. 1st, because it had the paper Christmas tree that we made, along with some family letters, and gingerbread men--one of our family traditions each year to make & hang on the tree).  The other packages will wait till Christmas, but the other was a little more tempting. You know, it is almost December ;) I really like the tree!  :)  As for your question on Earthquakes..... we´ve had several... but nothing too huge. The biggest was a 5.7, but that's nothing for Chile!  Also, I tried to send you guys that Christmas package I wanted to send, and several places didn´t accept it because of its contents.  I´ll try somewhere else, but I may not be able to send it.  :(


  1. Hi.My son is serving in Antofagasta Chile too. Plz send me info on how to send packages there, what couriers is best, timeframe, etc. I see in your son's pix my son's comp while he was in the ccm. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. Elder Preston great job! Thank you for serving the Lord in that part of the vineyard. My family also enjoys your blog too. Take care! If u ever meet up with my son, plz hug him for us and tell him we love him!
    Sister Recca

  2. Hi Sis. Recca! I responded to your questions on the Nov. 21st post (down in the comments). :) Thanks so much for the messages! And good luck to your son too!